At Pixel Form we craft, create concepts and produce visual experiences for brands, marketing agencies, studios, event production companies and artists, to help better tell their stories.

Content design, that can be used across various mediums, from TV commercials, product launch videos, through to stage visuals & experiential media. 

With over 20 years of moving image design experience, we have developed a strong creative and technical background, we like to take on projects from initial concept stage, right through to final delivery.


With our special ability to switch across different mediums effortlessly, it means we have a very diverse portfolio and list of Brands we have worked for from the world of film and TV, music labels / artists to big product and social brands. 

We are keen to work with fresh brands, always looking to push the boundaries and explore the new.

"We bring Form to Ideas"

Creative Director

Shiv Pandya

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a possible project or learn more about the work we do.

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